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The new property development called "ADARA" captured most of our attention for the last few months. It is located on the sandy beach next to St. Raphael Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus. Exclusive property is facing marina gives you easiest access to the sandy beach of Mediterranean sea even if you are not huge fan of yachting.

Whether you are buying your Ideal Home for your family or as investment, these Luxurious Villas will fulfill all your expectations!

Latest IDEAL Home Project
Our goal is one and the only, making your home IDEAL HOME for living!
In order to achieve that, we can offer our services to parties at both ends.

- For the Future Owners or people that want Renovation, we can help making the right choices from the beginning. Without any rush, taking your decisions wisely and much in advance, you can plan every single thing even before they start with the blue prints.

- For Construction Companies, we offer consultancy of the market and clients needs. Your product has to have high quality and functionality to give you that competitive edge, but the right positioning is the key. With marketing and advertising knowledge we can be of a great assistance.

3D Visualization
Is a big part of creating the Ideal Home. Technology is here to help you understand and visualize how your future home will look like.

With interior and exterior overviews, planning your furniture layout and everything else has never been easier. See it by your own eyes, plan it in advance, organize how you want it without any frustration is what 3D Visualization can offer you!

"Even if you are buying home for living, you should consider it as an investment too."